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Exciting News!

Now there is so much going on with old dipshit right now. I am not going to give him my time right now. I am excited to report that on Monay I will be getting a huge gift.

I am incredibly lucky I that I found a forum of people on Facebook who also are coping with AVN, or, as it is also called osteonecrosis.This is a progressive disease that has no cure. Blood flow stops to the vessels in your bones and the bone dies. Eventually, it collapses. Generally, in the hip. It can however be in your jaw, and shoulders and other parts of your body. It’s incredibly painful. Mine was caused by chemo. It can be caused by other things too like steroids, which also contributed in my case. This group of people told me to hold off on a total hip replacement. I was made aware of stem cell shots. 

After some research and finding a doctor who did this, I am on my way! We decided to use a more advanced form of stem cell that is derived from placental tissue. I am so grateful to the donor and happy that I am getting this opportunity. I know that somewhere down the line I may need the hip replacement. This treatment offers me the chance to be able to focus on healing from cancer and my stroke. I have been so sick for so long. An alternative to surgery is very exciting. I look forward to sharing my progress!