I am the mother to a wonderful son. Happily married and have 2 hilarious dogs. I have survived a brain stem stroke, stage II grade III, Her 2 Triple Positive breast cancer. I have had a mastectomy as the tumor was 3.6 inches and there were several small tumors and what they call a feeder tumor. Mixed typed IDC and DCIS breast cancer. Right now have Avascular Necrosis in my left hip. There’s all kinds of other things that go with these diseases. My stroke also left me with Wallenburgs Syndrome and a slew of other problems. I am in remission but the chemotherapy and steroid combo triggered the AVN. I will share other issues possibly. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds… I am very blessed. I am really just amazed at how lucky I have been. Life is crazy and I try so hard to keep things in perspective.

 I had also lost everything in a fire that was started by someone in the apartment complex who  then ripped out the smoke detectors and ran. One woman perished and the other had burns all over her body. I tend to be overly sentimental about things now, though the things themselves don’t matter. I realize how important life itself is and how important it is. The value it holds.

In it all I have met some really amazing people, fallen in love, have a family and appreciate life so much. Enjoy and remember to live everyday like it’s your last. Never give up on love or hope.