So you need to realize what is happening right now. 45 is with RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN and OK with him DENYING our INTELLIGENCE that PROVES RUSSIANS HACKED THE ELECTION. Now he is siding with someone who is a dictator and has people assassinated on a regular basis, kills his own people, took over an entire region, with no repercussions. where do you think Putin is looking next? Be ready for Sinclair and Fox news to be the only affiliates, reporters being arrested, censorship of the web, militarization of the police, mandated curfews in certain areas at first, womens rights further smothered, and a loss of public benefits. If you don’t think it can happen, look at others countries where it did. Trump is doing everything he can to get around an investigations and to shut down Congress. First he tried to get only his people. Now it’s going to be no one.

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