The Average American Voter

I have always been interested in politics. It blossomed when I was in High School and took American Studies. That and debate. These classes made me realize that I allowed to have an opinion. I was encouraged to really think critically about long term effects on others as well as myself. We focused on history and how hindsight is always 20/20. I felt emboldened in these classes. I was disgusted and ashamed for our past. I was forced to look at my other classmates who were not white and acknowledge Injustice. Once you see corruption and institution of laws meant to keep minorities in certain status. You are changed. Your white guilt doesn’t mean jack though. It’s about opening your mouth and writing, voting and some very awkward conversations with white people who firmy believe black people in poor neighborhoods with shit for education and no money, just aren’t trying hard enough. The other thing, the very most difficult is getting people to the understanding that just being non white is an automatic mark against you in society. The same goes for women. You are less. Less smart, less thought provoking, insightful, and certainly you are too LOUD.

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