March On

I am elated! Yesterday we women showed the world what we are capable of! Standing together as one in peaceful protest. All over the world women, men and kids all got together and information was exchanged. People wanted the world to know that we wouldn’t be complacent. If there were any doubts that we cared about what was happening in the government, they were squashed. You know who didn’t acknowledge the March? The President. No one was shocked. 

He did make time to lie to the CIA. He came before the stars on the memorial war for the honored fallen and said there was no feud between he and that agency. A blatant lie. He himself started that feud. On Twitter, and, in fact, compared them to Nazi Germany. Shameless. 

When that distraction didn’t work, he announced another statement. This time he had Spicer come on. Oh boy. Here comes Spicer. They kept delaying the damn thing. So after an hour this angry little man starts ranting about…The fucking size of the inauguration ceremony! Can you believe this shit?! He is talking about how the covers on the grass made the size of the audience look smaller. What a crock. The media rant continues. How the media lies. Listen. The media can’t lie about facts. Sorry, man. Facts still exist.

Kelly Anne Conway said today that they were using alternative facts to describe the size of the inaugural event. Trump tried to say there was 2.5  million there. Holy shit this guy. He’s a ridiculous liar.

I’m invigorated. I will be calling my senator and Congress. I will let them know that I am unhappy with the decisions being passed. This cannot stand. Listen this wasn’t just about abortions. Women’s rights are human rights. How is this lost on people? It’s not even a question. This was about the right of family to stay together, education, sexism, religion, bigotry. This was for America. I’m so proud. 

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