December 21, 2016

​The light is really beautiful today. Clouds are shifting over the sun and shadows dance . I’m enjoying the cool air and I know I am incredibly blessed. It’s the  Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. It makes me think about time and how short ours is on earth.

Today I am thinking of our country and other countries that are in desperate need of prayers. We must stand together against hate speech and discriminatory acts that are so easy to throw down as a safety net. We as individuals know our own hearts and must remember that in other countries those people have individual hearts too. Imagine, if you will, your individual heart being lumped in as one of hate. You know this isn’t true. You’re begging to be seen. No one will see you.  No one cares you are begging for help even as you’re pleading just for a little food.
Please, as our country faces new challenges under a leadership that, as of yet, has not been inclusive in any way, and, does not seem to have plans to be; remember, it’s the individual that matters. Do not become a member of the complicit in hate. Bigotry has a nasty way of passing the torch along. It is jokes, agreement of the way someone is treated based on race, it’s saying that it’s their fault things happen to them. People are being killed and we are seeing alt right which, let’s say it for what it is, white supremacists, rise to power. Challenge more of yourself. Watch a movie that isn’t  for you. One that has actors that who don’t look like  you. Read a book that talks about social injustice. It’s uncomfortable to talk about these things but we have too. We have to look at things from other cultures perspectives. This is America. Not just white America. So. To wrap this up. I have 2 really good suggestions in lieu of the tons of media available. Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult. Fantastic Audible book or print. And a movie called Learning to Drive. It has that lady from the Green Mile in it. I personally am trying my best to stay aware of my words and actions. Best wishes. A

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