A few thoughts…

 Times Magazine Person of the Year is Donald Trump. The person who has had the most influence in the world. I wanted to address why it shouldn’t be called man of the year as he called for at his rally. This isn’t about being PC. It’s about the recognition that we, as women, have fought hard for. It seems the attitude of women in America is to just let this slide by unnoticed or even be applauded (as was done at the rally). When the time comes that you are treated the way you are A- ok with being talked about, the song won’t be as sweet. Go ahead and sway with the masses. Be proud that you are so enlightened you don’t need your femininity acknowledged. Once we ignore our own womanhood, we give a loud and clear message. It doesn’t matter to us. It will be ignored. So will you, your rights, your health and any thing you happen to decide is important. When you decide you want a divorce and he has remarried and you’re single. Guess who will get the kids? Not you. When your daughter or son complains of being bullied by others at school, you will have no say. Part of the new world is bullying is socially acceptable. If your sister is sexually assaulted the question of what she was wearing is the reason he was looking. After all, a woman should know that wearing those kind of clothes makes a man crazy. If the assault results in a pregnancy, it was meant to be.  Does this sound outlandish? Lets check back in a year and see where women’s’ rights are.  This is the new world. 

We can stand together as women. We can as mother’s, daughters and sisters say no to this rhetoric. Allowing ourselves to be dismissed is not what we should be about. We work equally as hard and deserve equal respect as a man. We have to stand firm in our belief systems lest we forget. It goes for us, LBGT, religious groups, and all nationalities. The threat is real and not going away. Does this mean all men are hate mongering sexist pigs? Of course not. Perpetuating a culture that accepts sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist ideals as the best of social norms is dangerous. What is even more worrisome is the outright fear people have right now in even speaking how they feel. Not only that people are reading false information on the Internet and believing it as truth because the source is a person in power. When you are an authoritative person in power you must be wary and vigilant in what you know to be true. These are hefty responsibilities and I for one don’t trust the ones about to be in charge. 

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