One week.

Donald Trump is President. Writing the words a knot forms in my stomach. It’s been a week now. Enough time for the crying to have slowed a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t cried the entire week. Being proactive is something I have had to rely on for my life. Quick decisions that have lasting implications are my forte at this point. Yet, when I wake up and the realization slams down…it’s like when someone you love has died. We were so close. On the verge of having a qualified, smart, talented woman as president. She lost the electoral votes. No other country has such an archaic way of electing an official. Let alone the highest ranking official of the land. We are left with a xenophobic,racist, bigoted, hate mongering, sexist, unqualified person. I am scared. I fear for for our freedoms and safety and health and rights.

Hate crimes and sexual assaults are on the rise. They are happening in public schools and the street. A friend of mine was groped at work by a customer. She is not a waitress at Hooters or whatever else kind of job society by and large could consider higher risk for that.

Children are targeting each other. A little boy was taunted and then burned with a glue gun. Kids are writing hate speech on walls. One of the words is simply Trump. This is something I had brought up on Facebook. When your candidates name is a trigger word, is that not a problem? There is audio of him talking about grabbing women’s pussies. When your a powerful man they just let you do it.  So says he. I have news for you. They aren’t letting you. They are too terrified to speak up. Now that he’s President I just don’t know what will happen. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the President elect. Ties to Russia and conflict of interest in his business dealings whilst being President. He’s dangerous and looking to eradicate people of certain religion. Deportation of millions of people is the top priority for him as well as the halt of refugees from the war torn country of Syria. The annihilation of health care and stripping of womens rights to her body. Defunding Planned Parenthood will rip away the only healthcare some women get. The first physician I ever trusted was from Planned Parenthood. I was not there for an abortion. I had a yeast infection. I was terrified and had no where to turn. They held my hand through the entire exam. I felt so safe. I don’t know when I will feel safe again. It doesn’t look like it will be any time soon.

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